What it Means to Be a Chemist

This is a fully developed/long piece that I wrote also for a writing class. So, you can skip the sections you don’t feel like reading 🙂      


These are my last few months in Boston. This summer, I will be back home with my diploma after having lived in Boston for five and a half years. And what a rich experience it was! Yet, I’m really worried about the reverse culture shock once I’m back in Jeddah. I think it is important for me to look back and analyze my experience as a whole. Perhaps this will ease the transition and give me a different perspective. Since I’ve spent these five years here in pursuit of a B.S. in Chemistry, I will focus on this aspect of my journey. It is not easy to think in retrospect without having mixed feelings. Maybe this explains, at least in part, why this piece will have a critical tone.

📃 “What it Means to Be a Chemist”