The logic of dreams

Get up!
Let’s go check the guest wing of this huge-ass apartment of yours! Maybe you can host some students who have been living in camps like refugees!
– But I don’t have a “guest wing”… That was just a dream..
Surely you do! Do you remember that time when you spent the night there because your ex-lover had to spend the night at yours? Or the day you had a fancy dinner together with your old and new friends?
Ah yes… I do remember those moments, true! OK .. Let’s check it out… Although sleeping is so comfortable and cozy and fun I don’t wanna get up yet..
Commmmee oooonnnn!!
– ok ok … here we go, ooop!
It was a real effort to get up, as I had expected.
It was still early morning, and I was happy I didn’t oversleep!
The blue light of dawn was very calming, especially when it creeps into the dark hallway. I walk past the kitchen bar towards the entrance, but notice some equation written on the wall in pink ink!
“This wasn’t here before! Surely this is not my handwriting! Maybe someone wrote it at the party?!”
That was disturbing, “who could’ve done that?!” Well, I’ll deal with it later…
And oh yes! I just recalled the argument I had with myself while asleep… “of course I live here, and this is the guest wing.” I tell myself as I open the door to the right of the entrance.. “I should surely invite some students to live here… Poor kids! But the maximum will be 3 days, a week is too much on me. And anyway 3 days is the traditional limit for being a guest! …”
– *Ouch*… My neck hurts, and it’s cold …
I open my eyes slowly, feel the cold breeze out the window, and listen to the noise of the car-monsters on the highway. I realize I’ve been dead on the floor of my living room for an hour and a half.
I laugh inside me with amazement!
First of all, I have to get up *again* but for real this time.. The first time was difficult enough though…
So what just happened was a dream that brought memories from 2 separate dreams and combined them to construct a wholesome ‘reality’ that got me pretty convinced with its logic!
But who was talking to me?!